AuthorsCornerWelcome to our website’s page for writers! Here we make it more convenient for writing professionals to survey our company and services. We hope that you will find Pegasus Books a good fit. We are not a Publishers Row company, and if you are looking to self-publish, we do not provide those services. We are a medium-sized publisher, seeking to publish 10-15 titles per month, or 150 titles per year. Our publishing categories include fiction and non-fiction. We are looking for quality work from serious writers.

For best results, please submit a query first, which includes a brief annotation for the work you are submitting, along with a bio about yourself and your history and goals as a writer. If your query is well-written and your book has a market appeal, we will contact you about submitting your work, which you can do on our website. You will also want to make sure you have an Author Platform. We will report back on your submissions within two weeks, and if we decide to publish your work, a contract will be awarded.

If your work does not meet the Pegasus Books criteria for reasons ranging from market appeal to the technical quality of the submission, but we believe that you show promise as a writer, we might refer you to Parnassus Press Publishing, an independent publisher that focuses on author collaborations and publishing services for authors and small publishers. Parnassus Press Publishing is not involved in self-publishing and is highly-selective about the writers it accepts, since costs are split, royalties favor the writer and limited promotion is paid for by the company. The company believes that collaboration is the best way to help unknown writers transition to the professional market. The philosophy at Pegasus Books is different, as we are more focused on developing career authors.

However, if your work does not meet the criteria for Parnassus Press Publishing, our website provides support and guidance for aspiring writers in the form of blogs, Internet workshops, critiques, writing contests and resources. We would like to develop our aspiring writers into published writers and our published writers into well-paid professional authors.
Writers write, so strive to finish your submissions, and when they are done, we welcome your work!


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