Tim Swink

Tim Swink studied Legal Administration at Greensboro College and has worked in the legal profession for over twenty years. He is winding down his “day job” and has come back home to his first love, writing. Prior to his legal career, he was the Managing Editor of a weekly newspaper in Moore County, near Pinehurst, North Carolina.  He has worked for USA Today, the Greensboro News and Record, Tarheel Magazine and is currently a contributing writer for O.Henry Magazine. A sequel to Curing Time is in the works, as well as a third book entitled, Madd Inlet, which takes place at Sunset Beach, North Carolina in 1968-1969, during the turbulent crux of the Vietnam war.

Tim is the grandson of a North Carolina tobacco farmer and has peeled the caked tobacco juice from his hands, as well. Tim and his wife, Renee, reside in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Curing Time by Tim Swink


Curing Time by Tim Swink

Curing Time by Tim Swink

Curing Time by Tim Swink | Pegasus Books, 2014 | ISBN: 978-0991099313 | 212 pages

Curing Time by Tim Swink is a southern tale, highlighting the struggles of North Carolina tobacco farmers, circa 1957-9. The plot braids together a love story, local folklore, legacy farming, and predatory banking. Farmer Hume Rankin is pitted against a big Bank and the inevitable agribusiness juggernaut that will influence its lending practices.

Curing Time is a Greensboro News & Record 2014 Reader’s Choice Award Winner, and Swink was voted best local author, to boot.  I like the book; it doesn’t shy away from conversations about race, poverty, and marital devotion. As someone interested in agronomy, I especially enjoyed passages that detailed the old methods when crops were planted, tended, and harvested by hand. In today’s homogenized and globalized world, it’s a treat to read literature that has local color, and shows universal themes of struggle and redemption on dear stages.

To me, Curing Time is enjoyable as buying great barbecue from a roadside trailer, or enjoying fresh oysters on ice at the dock: all treasured souvenirs for a well-traveled reader… (read the rest of review)


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