Pegasus  Books  Submission  Requirements

(Read: “A Few Things to Consider Before Submitting“)

1)  Author’s Query Letter (which can also be called “the pitch”) – A letter sent to an editor, which details an idea for a book or other publication, along with an attempt to sell this particular idea, along with yourself as the potential writer. It should not be longer than one page and should also be submitted as an attachment in the Microsoft Word format. Please include full name, phone number, physical address and any other information that you might consider relevant.

2) Submission Annotation/Synopsis/Book Description – A specific description of the work submitted, including character, plot, themes and genre. It should not be longer than one page and should also be submitted as an attachment in the Microsoft Word format..

3) Author’s Bio/Photo – A brief history about the writer, especially facts that relate to why the writer wrote the book. Include prior/future works, awards, sales information, what distinction might make you unique as an author and any other relevant information. If it is convenient for you to include an author photo, please submit it along with the bio.

4) Rights Statement – A statement confirming your rights as the author of the material you are submitting. This brief statement should confirm that you hold the necessary publishing rights.

5) Manuscript Submission – For digital submissions, please send your entire manuscript as a Microsoft Word file. However, if you are submitting hard copy (a physical manuscript), send only the first one hundred pages of your work. We will contact you to let you know if we are interested in reading the rest of your book. We really want to help develop authors, so we will make every effort to give your work our generous consideration.

If you want your work to be considered seriously, please present it in a professional manner. This means utilizing Spell Check and Grammar Check, eliminating useless adverbs and correcting obvious mistakes. Thank you for your submission!

The files must be submitted as Word Documents or JPEGs.

(note: do not include dashes in phone number)