eBookPegasus Books is, among other things, an ePublisher, meaning we can handle both print and eBook needs. And the time it takes to publish your eBook is minimal, provided we get clean electronic files and everything else is in order. Two to three business days at a one-time cost of about $300 in most cases. And distribution is built-in. Once your eBook is published, it will be available wolrdwide within weeks after release! For an extra $100, we will make sure your book is available on most ePlatfoms, including those on devices by Amazon, Sony, Apple, and Barnes and Noble. It is an exciting and rewading time to be a writer! Let Pegasus Books help you step to the plate to capitalize on the next big thing: ePublishing and your share of the market!

eBook Conversion

If you are an author who already has a book out in print – congratulations! Writing a book is challenging enough, and yet you are published! The next step however, is to make that title available as an eBook, so that you can reach literally millions of more readers and enjoy the benefits of increased sales and exposure. At Pegasus Books and Parnassus Press Publishing, we can help you do this, and because we boast low overhead, we can do it at a savings to you compared to other eBook conversion services offered online.

If you are a new author seeking to have your first book published in print, you can increase your book’s marketability and popularity by publishing your print and eBook simultaneously. Take advantage of one of our print/eBook customized packages or create a package that suits your needs.

What We Will Need From You

Please do not send us your work until we request it. We will request it only after we have executed an ePublishing agreement with you. Your digital files should be in the Microsoft Word format in a single file for the book interior. Your cover should be sent as a JPG or TIF file. If editing is requested, work will begin immediately. After editing, or if no editing is required, your digital files will be converted to an eBook within seven days after the receipt of payment and all required files.

eBook Publishing Agreement


eBook conversion from a clean digital file $300 per title


eBook Distribution packages $100 per title