Two Matadors

Aged matador Antonio Castañeda de Castilla tells the story of his life, about a life of love and betrayal, danger and deception, honor and destiny, but more than all, about living life with passion!

In Sevilla, Spain, two identical twin brothers, Antonio and Fernando Castañeda de Castilla, aspire to be matadors, but only one will succeed. In love with the same woman, Isabella Zamora, the brothers complete for her love, yet only one will win her heart. In a cruel twist of Fate, Antonio is forced to “take his brother’s life,” and to keep a secret from the world. Speaking to a visitor, the aged Antonio reveals the secret and the story of his incredible life. He asks his guest to write his story and to correct the fraud. It is the story of living a passionate life that inspires the writer—and will the reader—to a life of passion!

Now also available Spanish! As Translated By Emilia Quinones

Words: 48,388 (approximate)

Two Matadors Print Book:

ISBN – 978-0-9832608-9-9
$10.99 retail – $8.99 on this site


eBook: ISBN: 978-1-4524-8545-4 – $5.99

Spanish Edition:

eBook: ASIN – B007N8UPNY – $5.99

Dos Matadores Print Book:

ISBN – 978-0-9832608-8-2
$10.99 retail – $9.99 on this site

4 Comments to “Two Matadors”

  1. Alfredo Cayote says:

    Two Matadors is the greatest story! is it true? who could come up with something so epic? i highly recommend it – it really is a good read.

  2. Scott Skipper says:

    Antonio Castañeda de Castilla knows everything there is to know about bulls and women. As had been foretold by his gypsy wife, he meets a young American in the bull ring at Sevilla who he persuades—with copious amounts of rare wine—to record his biography. In the course of one night the old matador relates to his mesmerized chronicler the story of a remarkable life—a life of love lost, regained and lost again. He tells of a life brimming with lust, danger, and circuitous twists of fate and faith. Antonio is a twin, an indomitable spirit, a hero, a betrayer, a victim, an adventurer and a tireless voluptuary.

    This story has shades of Death in the Afternoon, Prince and the Pauper, and Amor en el Tiempo de Colera. Marcus McGee’s prose is phenomenal. I was hooked in the first paragraph.

  3. Natalie says:

    Oooh Ladies! If you like passion and sensual writing, get this book and schedule yourself some alone time. Sexy stuff, especially after the bath.

  4. Maria says:

    I wanted to keep up my Spanish, so I bought the Spanish version, and I LOVED IT! Then I had to read the English version, and I LOVED IT. The prose is just excellent. In some places, it’s like reading poetry, except it’s telling a marvelous story at the same time.

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