The Seductive Schoolhouse Scandal by SJ Rose

Set in an urban city in central New Jersey, The Seductive Schoolhouse Scandal, inspired by true events, is the story of Jack Rumford, a corrupt school administrator operating in an impoverished, neglected, poorly-supervised school district. When reading resource teacher Cindy Stone arrives at his school, she is shocked to witness his brazen schemes, which have defrauded the district out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over ten years. She is further appalled by his inappropriate behavior and illicit relationships with female teachers and staff members.

Finally fed up, Cindy Stone and school secretary Alicia Palmaneri decide to take on an entirely corrupt system by becoming whistleblowers to the district and state officials. Their actions are met with intimidation in the form of threats, harassment and physical violence, sending one of the women to the emergency room. When the state becomes involved, the women can only hope that justice is served before Jack Rumford can exact his revenge.

SJ Rose has a Master’s Degree in Education. In New Jersey, she taught literacy in urban schools for thirty-five years. During her career as an educator, she became one of the whistleblowers in a situation resembled in The Seductive Schoolhouse Scandal and lived through several dreadful years of intimidation and retaliation. In retirement she became an author. This is her first novel.

From a June 2013 article in the Courier Post:

This book is a must read for all educators. If you are not in the field of education for the good of children you don’t belong there. Impoverished, low income children do not deserve to be taken advantage of by the people who are entrusted with their care. This is the ultimate betrayal. The author has written an insiders tale about what it is like to be a whistle-blower. This is truly a thought provoking story, says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

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