The Device Trial

breendevicebcAuthor Name: Tom Breen

Release Date: October 2016

New York attorney was seriously injured and hospitalized after the violent confrontation at the end of the first novel, The Complaint. Having not learned his lesson from the first litigation against ZeiiMed, he decides upon his return to work to commence a second lawsuit against the billion dollar health insurance company. He agreed to file the suit after meeting the elderly Martha Dudley and learning that she was dying from a defective hip replacement Device manufactured by a subsidiary of ZeiiMed.

To obtain evidence that ZeiiMed knew of the defects,  Brian must engage in illegal and unethical conduct that once again results in a life and death struggle with John Edison, the CEO of ZeiiMed.

In preparing for trial against ZeiiMed,  Brian realizes he has little chance of success without the invaluable assistance of his colleague Mary and his dear friend Meadhbh. Together they form a team that will hopefully bring ZeiiMed to its knees in a high profile trial in lower Manhattan.

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