The Buses

StambouliehBussesBCAuthor Name: Katrina Stamboulieh

Release Date: March 2014


$16.95 Retail – $11.95 on this site!

From Bus to Bedlam

          Lucy Owen has made a mess of things.  She lost her house and made the bizarre decision to live on a school bus at the bus garage where she worked as a school bus driver. While Lucy was sleeping on one of the buses, school board member Brian Foster is brutally murdered in a swamp behind the garage.

          The discovery of her living arrangements by her boss, Dominic Salmeri, was a double-edged sword.  It causes humiliation and embarrassment to herself and her family, including her son, who is a police officer. However, it also brings Lucy closer to co-worker, Paul Hagen. Driving home late one night, Paul is run off road the by a speeding school bus and Lucy’s bus is hijacked. Strangely, each member of the school board meets an untimely death, all seemingly unrelated and innocent. Could it be that fate and justice have aligned to make things right, or is it the long arm of the mob?

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