Synchronicity by Marcus McGee

Synchronicity is a second short story collection by Marcus McGee, following Four Stories. This book contains some of the author’s favorite works, including The Club, Estéban and Synchronicity. It also includes his earliest short stories, Mister Peacock, Till Death Do Us Part and Anthropophagi. It finishes with three blank verse parables, Coat of Black, The Thinking Man and The Crab Story.
The Club examines the idea of success and the sacrifice involved, Estéban is the story of a talking pig and the plight of the producer in the world, and Synchronicity is a story about the interconnectivity of life and the universe itself.


287 pages
ISBN – 978-0-9763123-3-7
$14.95 retail – $11.00 on this site

eBook $7.99

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2 Comments to “Synchronicity”

  1. Sarah Lipschitz says:

    Interesting collection of short stories. I really liked the pig story, “Estaban.” I’ll never think of bacon the same way again.

  2. Donna Sterling says:

    Synchronicty was my favorite story in this book! I just watched “One Thousand Words” with Eddie Murphy and noted the similarities, but this book’s been out for at least a few years, right? I get it, “Whatever people do to their environment, they are doing to themselves.” Great message! Maybe there’s a fish out there with my name on it.

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