Please Don’t Forget Me

Please Don’t Forget Me by Tom Pearson is inspiring, heartbreaking, beautiful, and real. Above all, this memoir is a deeply compelling love story that illustrates the tremendous power and beauty of love, loyalty and commitment.

This loving, insightful story describes in detail the tragic realities and unique challenges that caregivers face while caring for loved ones through the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease until death, and on the difficult choices and challenges that caregivers must face along the way.
The narrative is not just about the trials of caregiving. It is an account about love, about the woman who transformed Tom, and about spirituality and relationships. It is a true story, based upon real occurrences, as seen through Tom’s eyes. This nonfiction book chronicles Lynne’s and Tom’s lives, from inception until Lynne’s passing and beyond. You will find a bit of humor and no small measure of drama in their lives along the way.
Tom Pearson cared for his wife Lynne from the time of her diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer’s at age 50 until her passing at age 63. He wrote Please Don’t Forget Me to honour his brave wife and to help others facing similar challenges. Tom’s purpose in sharing Lynne’s courageous journey was to remind families and friends, in moments of despair, that there is hope. Tom will donate part of the proceeds of each book to the Alzheimer’s cause.

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PearsonForgetAP   Before retiring a couple of years ago at the age of fifty-nine, I was an executive in the water industry. I hold a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in civil engineering. I have had rewarding career providing safe drinking water to the citizens of Winnipeg, as well as serving on the boards of the American Water Works Association and the Water Research Foundation. I am proud to have been one of the founding directors of Water for People Canada, a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds and constructing safe water supplies in developing countries.  Before this book, my writing products were limited to articles in trade journals, conference publications, lectures and a wide array of reports.

   But these things in no way define me. They are ancillary to most important undertaking in my life thus far; my role as caregiver to my late wife Lynne. Lynne was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s disease and it was my privilege to care for her from the time that she became ill at age 50 until her passing at age 63 in 2011. This front-line perspective has allowed me to chronicle our lives from inception until Lynne’s passing and beyond.

   I hope that Lynne’s story will inspire you and that in sharing our journey, you find a bit of hope. I can be reached at and would love to hear your commentary on the book.

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