Inflection Point


Times Square, New York City


#1 Best Seller and Winner of a Beverly Hills Book Award!

Replete with corporate and political intrigue, Inflection Point is Ido not know what the problem is the true story of the author and her legal team at Pfizer, who found themselves at the epicenter of a world-wide, multi-billion dollar battle for control over the world’s most prescribed pharmaceutical product — Lipitor. Best selling author, Traci Medford-Rosow, charts the course of the teams courageous strategy to protect their company’s most prized asset, and the unforeseen personal consequences they suffered as a result. In New York, London, Melbourne, Copenhagen and Ottowa, from the White House to Wall Street, from boardrooms to courtrooms, in the media and behind closed doors, critical disputes are lost and won in a primal struggle for survival.

Inflection Point is a fast-paced, high-stakes legal thriller and memoir. But it is also a cautionary tale, posing a fundamental question, as it is critical. Have the concerted efforts to bring affordable medicines to consumers crippled the very industry that invents the drugs in the first place?



Inflection Point – 978-1-941859-42-1 – hardcover – 232 pages

$27.95 Retail Price – Only $19.95 on this site!

Inflection Point- 978-1-941859-41-4 – paperback – 232 pages

$16.95 Retail Price – Only $13.95 on this site!

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