In Plain Sight by Katrina Stamboulieh

Rea is a single woman living in Minneapolis who hates her job and her boss, and wonders if the rest of her life will be mundane, until her best friend, Sam, is suddenly murdered. She believes Sam’s boyfriend, Peter, a Russian national and businessman, has murdered her after realizing that Sam stumbled upon information regarding Peter’s interests in Afghanistan. The police cannot find enough evidence to incriminate Peter. Thus tired of her lackluster life and the injustice, Rea quits her job and decides to investigate the murder on her own as she begins a relationship with PHIL, a Minneapolis Police Officer and neighbor. Under the ruse of a friendship, Rea starts looking into Peter’s business dealings in Minnesota, his connection to Afghanistan, and his relationship with his cousin Gregory, whom she suspects is the murderer. She ultimately follows Peter and Gregory to London, and is beset by danger and a series of adventures culminating in meeting a man who appears to be Osama Bin Laden. The pieces begin to fall together about an international drug ring involving Peter, his killer cousin, the Minnesota Governor and ultimately, powerful terrorist figure. When she returns to the U.S., she realizes her life will never be the same, unaware that the killers have followed her. After a final showdown, she is wiser, knowing none are immune from what happens all over the world, whether in Minnesota, Russia, or Afghanistan.

Katrina Stamboulieh hails originally from the UK but she has lived in the US for over thirty years. Most of her career was spent in the insurance/financial services industry. As a result of the economic downturn of 2008, she became a school bus driver, a job she has really enjoyed for the interaction with the kids and free time for writing. She is working to become a full-time writer.
Katrina wrote In Plain Sight over a period of a few years, and though she cannot honestly say what made her begin the book, she found it just came together. She is currently working on a second novel and has ideas for a third. She is just one of those baby boomers who finally decided what she always wanted to be when she grew up.

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