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 Inflection Point coverv2

Inflection Point by Traci Medford-Rossow

Inflection Point is the true fast-paced, high-stakes legal thriller and memoir of the author and her legal team at Pfizer at the epicenter of the battle for control over the world’s most prescribed pharmaceutical product, Lipitor®. The author charts the course of the team’s courageous effort to protect the company’s most prized asset, and the unforeseen personal consequences suffered as a result.

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OlsinskiKillersBCIweb - CopyWhen Killers Collide by Tom Olsinski

When Killers Collide follows a treacherous conflict between those with a genealogy that drives killing and those who choose to eliminate anyone who stands in their way. Does group loyalty supersede personal integrity? Can we escape our past to control who we become? What happens when killers collide?

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MontenaroProsecutionBCThe Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin by Regina Jeffers

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet rush to Georgiana’s side when the major general leaves his wife and daughter behind, with no word of his whereabouts and no hopes of Edward’s return. When Edward Fitzwilliam is arrested for two horrific murders, Darcy must discover the real culprit before his cousin is hanged for the crimes and the Fitzwilliam name marked with shame.

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FinkSentencedBCSentenced to Life by Jenni Fink

Chelsea Carlton spent the last four years away at college with dreams of becoming a hit fashion designer. Without even an entry level position she’s plucked from the life she’s dreamed of, forced to confront her past and make decisions that will forever change her future. Should she continue to fight for her dreams? And the biggest question she has to answer is, who am I?

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MalinowskiTattletaleBCTattletale by Carrie Malinowski

Mrs. M has both a crippling social anxiety and a lifelong dream to teach. At age 35, she enters a student teaching program, panics in front of the class, and is fired by her mentor, whose parting words are, “There’s no place for you in this profession!” With the help of a buddy teacher—Mrs. M finds her home at Owen Charter, a low-budget elementary school, where the talented and the quirky are welcome.

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DeadbeatDad_eBook coverDeadbeat Dad by JP Bloch

Nathan Nightbridge’s story is told by his deadbeat dad of a father, a double-psychotic homeless man who goes on and off his meds. Nathan is a genius at getting away with murder. . . or is he? When Dad is not hounded by the CIA or called back to his home planet, he spies on his son from afar. Dad also may have more than a little something to do with the murders.

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McGeeFamilyBCThe Family Business by Michael Ponzi

The Family Business is the story of Michael Ponzi’s return to a Hoboken neighborhood to continue in his father’s profession. Michael’s first solo assignment comes after his dad gets pinched by the FBI, and The Dwarf, the “big” Carzano crime boss, orders a hit involving Zenobia, the best-known pop star on the planet. After Zenobia foils Michael from finishing the task, he finds that she is in major trouble with The Management and that The Dwarf has double-crossed him. He and Zenobia barely escape with their lives, and while on the lam, Michael is accused of kidnapping the mega star. A hard-boiled/gangster comedy!

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KatzGoyaBCGoya’s Ring and the Naked Maja Dancing by Richard L Katz

Goya’s Ring is an action adventure story that tells the tale of Alessandra Santana, on the trail of a priceless Goya masterpiece lost to the art world for 200 years and stolen by the Nazis. A thrilling tale of intrigue, deceit and romance, Goya’s Ring dives into the shadowy world of art collectors and museums, and finishes with a breathtaking twist.

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9781941859339_cov.inddBeing and Awesomeness: Get Rad, Stay Rad by Tiffany Tuttle

Being and Awesomeness: Get Rad, Stay Rad, the first book by clinical psychologist Dr. Tiffany Tuttle. Coming to terms with the past, understanding how early attachments influence today’s behavior, conquering depression and anxiety, increasing self-awareness, finding ways to boost motivation and follow through on making positive changes are among the topics Dr. Tuttle examines in this handbook.

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Rosso_coverRosso by Duncan Jefferson

Rosso is a late medieval European adventure story. After many adventures, a bloody battle, friendships made and friendships lost, Rosso takes the road to Rome to try his hand at being a monk. After meeting little Clare, Rosso travels to Paris to meet Cardinal Villeprieux. This story shows how redemption and hope can be found in the most unlikely looking people and the most unexpected places.

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CoppedgeLoadedBCLoaded South by Clay Coppedge

Loaded South follows the inner and outer roads of a storyteller and self-described social critic, turned loose on the streets of Austin, TX, where cab drivers roamed free and relatively unregulated in search of a “knockout punch”. In the end, against all odds, Loaded South evolves into a love story and our hero lands a “real” job and leaves the cab business and his Magic Meter behind.

Promotional price: Free Download         Coupon Code: SG25D             Expires: December 1, 2015

McGeeViralBCViral Vector by Marcus McGee

With a presidential race in the background, it is the story of a group of billionaires who seek to influence the election, using a new weapon, a viral vector combined with gene targeting, to eliminate a “White House” target. This new viral vector technology seems likely to be the heir apparent of the president’s drone program as the story unfolds, taking multiple twists and turns and keeping readers on edge.

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OsburnJonesboroughBCIncident at Jonesborough by Chaz Osburn

A story of military strategy involving two of the Civil War’s most brilliant generals just before the surrender and destruction of Atlanta. It is a story of conflict between two cousins whose relationship is strained by a secret mission behind enemy lines. A story of treachery, treason and treasure involving a secret group that is determined to create a New Confederacy.

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MacalusoDejaBCDéjà vu, Italian Style by Lou Macaluso

In Palermo, Sicily, author Tony Morelli recognizes a childhood friend, Todd Kenilworth, who had committed suicide while on a trip to Italy. Tony searches for the truth about Todd after a car bombing puts his girlfriend Pauline in danger. The mission leads him and the reader throughout a picturesque tour of Italy spiked with romance, espionage, peril, death, and a spine-tingling conclusion.

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9781941859322_cov.inddThe Boy by Gary Clarke

Jamie Gilroy was the sole witness to the murder of his entire family five years ago. The damaged boy hasn’t spoken a word since his traumatic experience, until he stumbles upon a woman’s body at the Trinity Quarry. Inspector Max Brann, still haunted by the family slaying, takes up this latest case in the hope that young Jamie will be able to communicate what he saw the night of the murders.

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Magwitch_BowkerimageMagwitch by Roy Gauza

A fictionalized account of the SS American Legion’s mysterious World War II voyage to evacuate the Crown Princess of Norway, her children and American citizens from the World War II cataclysm overtaking Europe. Based on a true life tale of espionage, American spy Nathanial Silas plunges into intrigue and danger in the hunt for intelligence information and finds himself challenged by three women.

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