Cancelled by Janet Feduska Cole

Cancelled is a mystery/adventure, based on the search for the enigmatic Lünersee Stamps, one of many treasures purportedly stolen by the Nazis during and immediately after WWII.  The heroine, Elyse, is confronted with the decades-old cold case when she receives a request from her editor, Artur, who assigns her to write an article on philately.

In the process of conducting research for the article, Elyse contacts her old college friend Karl, an avid philatelist. The revived relationship exposes Elyse to unanticipated secrecy, adventure and danger, taking her through several countries before ending up in our own southwest. Elyse, caught in the intrigue and fleeing for her life, continues her research, uncovering captivating information about the rarest of stamps, fascinating stamp crimes, and the complex psychology of collectors.

Janet Feduska Cole, a native of southwestern Pennsylvania, lives near Chicago with her husband, Ed, a retired business executive, and two poodles, Elmer and Elsie. Their sons, Russell and Andrew, are a sociologist and a psychologist and author.  After receiving her MBA and certification in Technical Communication, Janet worked as a technical and marketing writer for more than twenty years before undertaking her first novel, Cancelled. As a former rock climber and whitewater rafter, Janet remains an advocate for the environment. She travels at every opportunity and weaves her own adventures into her writing. Watch for Cancelled’s sequel, Addressee UnknownJanet’s Amazon Author Central Page – Janet’s Website
ISBN 978-0-9832608-4-4 $14.99 Retail – $11.00 on this site

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  1. S Mcgee says:

    I loved the excitement of constantly changing venues and the heroine’s combination of smart problem solving and unnerving naievete. i enjoyed rooting for the heroine.

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