Arty Facts by Ankita Kapoor

Arty Facts is the amusing story of a small town girl who lands up in Delhi and the dubious and ludicrous people she encounters, no matter where she goes or how hard she tries to stay away from them. This book is dedicated to everyone who has been harassed by their horrible bosses, loves bitching and enjoys taking this flight from reality with their bitching buddies— a god-send I’d say in this wild, wild world! So while you hop skip and jump through the jungle called life, don’t forget to bitch a little!

Ankita Kapoor was born in the erstwhile princely city of Lucknow, in India in 1983. She holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the premiere Delhi College of Arts, New Delhi. She worked for one year as an Arts Coordinator in a popular art gallery, and she worked two years as a Lifestyle journalist in New Delhi. Both the roles gave her a window into the social milieu of the twenty-first century city circuit. Apart from painting, writing is her passion. She spends time travelling, cooking and fooling around with her gal pals, or as she’d like to say “Bitching!” Presently, she lives in Dallas in Texas with her hubby, who she credits for the support and strength he lends… and ofcourse the numerous books that line not just her wall, but her life!

ISBN – 978-0-9832608-3-7 – $12.99 Retail – $9.99 on this site

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