Sunday Morning by Chaz Bosarge

BosargeSundayBC   Sunday Morning is the story of CEO Nathan Johnson, an ambitious, young African American professional, who has traded life and values from his hometown in rural, racially-oppressed Mississippi for the promise of a glamorous career on Wall Street, only to find that family and community trump all else. Retribution for injustices in the book come from a divine source.

 Sunday Morning – 978-1-941859-05-6 – 256 pages

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Chaz Bosarge was born October 29th in the small coastal town of Pascagoula, Mississippi. From a child, to his early teenage years, he knew the hardships of poverty. His father was addicted to alcohol, which affected his fathers work habits and robbed the family of needed income. It was an addiction that eventually contributed to his father’s untimely death.

As a child of the 1960’s, Chaz experienced the brutal reality of racism and segregation. Blacks lived in what was known as, Negro Quarters. The lack of money had so impoverished the Bosarge family where the only rental house they could afford was next to the black section of town. This would prove to be a social experience that would change Chaz’s life and give him a unique perspective of the black culture. His involvement with the African American race would be the well of inspiration he would draw from later in life to write his novel, “Sunday Morning.”

As a young boy, Chaz came to understand racial segregation by experiencing a segregation of his own, which was— Economic Segregation. As blacks, in the 60’s were not allowed to drink from the same water fountain as whites or eat in white restaurants nor ride in the front of the bus, Chaz was not allowed in the upper circles of own race, because he was poor. He discovered; if you were poor, you hung with the poor. At school, during lunchtime, you ate at the same table with the poor, and poverty guaranteed you a third class citizenship status among some in society.

Despite the hardships that poverty brought, along with it came a unique blessing. It developed a compassionate spirit inside of Chaz and bonded him to a race of people he might not have otherwise known. Chaz looks back now and says, “The road of destiny reveals its purpose later in life that one can’t see at the time they’re walking it.”

From an early age Chaz exhibited the gift of writing, whether it was poems, short stories, or songwriting. His God given talents were the catalyst that propelled him from a life of struggle to the success he is experiencing today. In 1984, Chaz moved his family to Nashville and within two months he signed a writers contract with Starsong Music. His songs were recorded by major artist in all genres of music, from Country, to Pop, R&B, Contemporary Christian Music as well as Black Gospel.

Chaz’s ability in writing Children’s songs is well known in the music industry. Many of his children’s works are featured on the highly successful, Songtime For Kids and Butterfly Kids projects. In 1987, Chaz signed with the largest Christian publishing company in the world, Word Music, and recorded his self-titled CD on the Word Song Label. His musical compositions landed on the albums of legendary artist such as, Kenny Rogers. Diamond Rio, The Oak Ridge Boys, Sandi Patti, and other major artist within the industry. His works have been featured on the Gaither Homecoming Series.

In 2010, Chaz was asked to come to the studios of the former Doobie Brothers Band member, Michael McDonald and write songs for International Star, Avraam Russo. Chaz’s song, “Peace” was Avraam’s first single and video that has reached around the world. In 2011, Chaz wrote and self-published his first novel, “The World From A Schwinn”, using his own coming of age experience as an inspiration for his book. The story is based in the small southern town of Bessemer, Alabama. Taylor Denton, the featured character, is a ten-year old kid who grows up in poverty, as Chaz did.

Against all odds, he received a 1966 Scwhinn Stingray Bike that changed his life and from the seat of his bike he saw and experienced a world he never dreamed possible. In his older age, once again that rusty relic played a central part of Taylor Denton’s life. It’s a story that reaches deep into the heart. Chaz first novel served to inspire him to continue his story telling skills and in 2013, he penned his second novel, “Sunday Morning” that caught the attention of Pegasus Books in Los Angeles, California.

Chaz is presently an author for Pegasus Books and is excited at the prospects for his future. Contact: or Personal: Married, father of two, one grandchild.   Extra: CEO of Chaz Bosarge Music, songwriter, musical artist and public speaker.   His hobbies include golf, wading a small creek to fish for bass, motorcycle riding.   His passions are God, life, writing music and novels.

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  1. Ben McGee says:

    It’s 1:00 AM, and I just finished reading Sunday Morning. Needless to say it’s hard to put the book down. Very few books do I read in just one or two days. This is one of them. Riveting is an understatement. Exciting, suspenseful, gut wrenching at times, and full of surprises.

  2. Jan Cole says:

    Sunday Morning is a gripping and suspenseful tale by an incredibly talented author. Can’t wait to read your next, Chaz!

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