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The world of publishing has changed. Publishers Row can no longer afford to take chances on undiscovered writers, regardless of talent or the merits of their manuscripts. At the other end, self-publishing companies seek only short term profits and reinvest nothing in authors or their careers. At Pegasus Books, we know many authors of future best sellers simply have nowhere to turn. That is why we specialize in publishing first-time and unknown authors. We want to help you build your status as a writer as you help us build our company.

With Pegasus Books, writers have submission options. Submit your manuscript to Pegasus Books, and we will do an honest preliminary evaluation. If we feel the subject of the book is “high-concept” with an appeal to a significant number of readers, there is a good chance we will offer you a publishing contract. We pay advances in only rare instances. Under contract, your book will be edited and formatted, a cover will be designed and you will receive final galleys for your approval prior to publishing. Once published, we will help you promote your book according to terms detailed in your contract.

If we feel the submission requires a significant amount of work and the appeal is for more of a niche audience, we might refer it to Parnassus Press Publishing, an independent publisher, which is true author/publisher collaboration and represents the future of publishing. At Parnassus Press Publishing, basic publishing expenses are shared, though content editing and custom requests (if required) is not. In contrast to Pegasus Books, the Parnassus Press Publishing contract provides authors with a significantly larger share of earned royalties. Because niche offerings sell fewer books, we want developing authors to make more money per book sale.

If you are an aspiring writer and you are determined to make writing your career, we at Pegasus Books are willing to work with you as you develop and grow. Our entire team of editors, writers and graphic design professionals will help you realize your greatest ambitions. If you are already an established writer and you would like to cultivate a long-term relationship with an understanding, accessible publisher that will be loyal to you and encourage your continued development, we warmly welcome you to join us at Pegasus Books.

At Pegasus Books, we strive to be ahead of the curve on the many innovations and at the vanguard of the recent transformation of the publishing industry. Our eBook division utilizes the most modern technologies and practices to produce professional quality eBooks and audio books at competitive rates, while Parnassus Press Publishing can deliver titles for 30-40% less thant self-publishing on the Internet.

We are looking for future best sellers and well written books in the following categories: Fiction –mystery/detective, thriller, adventure, literature, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, children’s and romance; Non-Fiction – academic, history, criticism, psychology, philosophy, religious and cultural, books, essays, theses and dissertations.

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  1. Elisandra De Rogatis says:

    i’ve seen some websites with very poor texts, and the attention they give to the readers is also poor. i hope that yours will be different.

    • pbadmin says:


      Thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to comment. We realize there are many websites out there and value the people who decide to visit us. We hope you will continue to read and comment and will do our very best to be responsive and attentive. If you are a writer, we hope you will become involved in our writing assignments, contests and discussions.

      Thank you again for your comment!

  2. Dagmar Wagner says:

    interesting stuff, i might search for more information about this, thanks a lot friend.

  3. Gwen says:

    I hope I can get my book published using this publisher, my book fits in a category and I am a first-time author.

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