Duncan Jefferson

Jefferson_DBorn in the UK in September 1949 the youngest of three sons.Qualified in Medicine in 1972 at St Bartholomew’s Hospital London just around the corner from Lit-tle Britain, where Dickens was to house Mr Jaggers in Great Expectations.

Married to Maggie they moved to Australia in 1976 and spent 8 years as a rural family Doctor. He’s the father of six children and six grandchildren. He moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1983, where he worked with the Palliative care team before returning to metropolitan GP for 34 years.

Duncan worked for the Health Insurance Industry for 12 years promoting healthy lifestyles. Has his own Health Blog and written many health related articles for magazines. He has appeared many times on TV and radio during that time. He founded the Pilgrim Trail and the Camino Salvado in Western Australia – a 205 km trail from Perth to the Monastery town of New Norcia.

Duncan is currently Chairman of the Pilgrim Trail Foundation, a registered charity. He was a guest speaker at the 9th International Colloquium Compostela in Santiago Spain in 2014. Currently,  he lives in Perth. He told his wife whilst on holiday in Rome that he wanted to write a story. Her response was “That’s easy! All you have to do is give some time each day to it until you’ve finished it”. So he did. Then he carried on with the next book and then the next one. Rosso is the first of a Trilogy: Rosso, Where’s Rosso? and The Young Countess.