Dr. Jill Little


Dr. Jill Little

You were born into this world in a spiritual state with truth and peace within. It can be regained by searching ‘inside’, not ‘outside’ of ourselves. If we look outside ourselves, we will never find happiness; our truth and peace. We will only find pain because it is a fruitless search. Our insistence that happiness is elsewhere is futile, it is within each of us.

– Dr. Jill Little

Jill’s relationship with faith and spirituality began when she was 7, when she was baptized in a small rustic Chapel on Panther Lake in Upstate NY. Following her baptism was a life- long dedication to learning about different faiths and the relationship between ego and spirituality.

Dr. Little was a teacher, philosopher, and student of life focused on serving as an instrument of love and peace wherever she went. She earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from Syracuse University, a M.Ed. from Temple University in Guidance Counseling, and a Ph.D. in School Administration from Syracuse University.

IHood: Our GPS for Living is Dr. Little’s sixth book and her life’s work. As we weave ourselves into the fabric of the world Jill believed in, we develop and access the innate abilities to love and serve each other. When our physical time in this world draws to a close, our contribution – a spiritual legacy – continues to integrate. Her belief, as felt throughout I Hood is that a divine opportunity to fill one’s life with grace and purpose exists for everyone. It may lay dormant amidst worldly distractions, but begs to be awakened, interrupted, and brought to the forefront of living.