Chaz Bosarge


Author Chaz Bosarge

Writer Chaz Bosarge, the author of Sunday Morning. Sunday Morning is his second novel. He is presently working on a third.

His first novel was titled The World From A Schwinn, and it was based upon a ten-year old kid in 1964, being raised in poverty in the southern town of Bessemer, Alabama.  During that year and against all odds, his grandfather, Taylor Denton helps him get a Schwinn Stingray bike for Christmas. Once he mounts the banana seat of the lime green bicycle, his life changes.

He sees and experiences a world he never knew existed: the world from a Schwinn. His Schwinn takes him across economic and social lines, where he finds friendships that will last a lifetime. Not only did the bicycle forever alter his destiny as a young kid, it would again play a significant part of his life in the midst of sorrow, though it has become a rusty old relic, hanging on his garage wall.

Chaz’s first started writing as a songwriter, where has had the fortunate blessing of success. He has written for three major publishing companies in Nashville, Tennessee. Many of his songs have been recorded by major artists in all genres of music. He now owns a music publishing company, Chaz Bosarge Music.

It has been his desire for some time to write fiction. He self-published his first novel, The World From A Schwinn and was able to recoup my investment and make some money. Not enough to impress the publishing industry, but enough to encourage me to continue his passion. At the present time, he is writing an autobiography on his life, titled Breathing Under Water.

He was raised in an impoverished family, due to his father’s alcoholism. His father was a unique character who a genius IQ and reached sort of a legendary status in the region of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Chaz’s life story details the crushing affect of alcoholism and how he dealt with a father who never said the words, “I love you,” to his son. Yet, despite the tsunami waves sweeping over his life as a young boy, he learned to Breathed Under Water. Through his story, he hopes to help others in similar situations to not to repeat the sins of their fathers, and become what God has destined them to be.


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