Pegasus Books is dedicated to publishing the works of aspiring new authors and to providing greater opportunities and support to established writers by being at the vanguard in the ongoing transformation of the publishing industry. We only expect our authors to match our passion and dedication to producing high-quality books and related products. We want our readers to enjoy consistently creative, thoughtful works in their many formats.

Pegasus Books publishes trade paperback originals, limited hardcover books and eBooks. We are looking for future best sellers and well written books in the following categories:
Fiction – mystery/detective, thriller, adventure, literature, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, children’s and romance;
Non-Fiction – academic, history, criticism, government, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religious and cultural, books, essays, theses and dissertations.

Pegasus Books is a medium-sized traditional publisher, utilizing state-of-the-arts technologies and publishing breakthroughs to provide ourselves and our authors with the most efficient method of going from manuscript to print, and we do this in a way that best maximizes royalties and eliminates unnecessary costs.

If we determine that your manuscript has publishing potential, we will contact you by email to let you know we are proposed to make an offer. If the work needs substantial editing, we may ask you to re-edit or re-write. Of course, you could contact a professional editing service or contract editing through Pegasus Books, but we will want to begin with a clean manuscript. Once our offer has been accepted and a contract is signed, Pegasus Books will pay all up-front publishing expenses, including format, layout, art design, pre-production, production and some promotion costs.

Once published, our authors enjoy worldwide distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Our titles are available at all major bookstores, but it will be up to Pegasus Books and dedicated authors to convince bookstore buyers to stock inventories. We expect our authors to work with us to create marketing plans specific to market their titles.

If for whatever reason your book is rejected by Pegasus Books, please do not make the assumption that your work is flawed in any way. There are many reasons why editors reject manuscripts, ranging from work commitment overloads to market trends, from improper genre submissions to the lack of sales history and/or and author platform, to a simple lack of interest in a particular subject. On occasion, we will provide reasons for a rejection, but we encourage all authors to continue writing and submitting. Remember: every rejection letter is just one step closer to a contract!

If a manuscript is exceptionally well written, but we feel it is more of a niche offering, we may refer it to Parnassus Press, an independent publisher, where authors are able to call shots, learn the intricacies of publishing, distribution channels and marketing while collaborating to produce well-written books that can thrive in limited markets, reducing overall costs and providing greater royalties for their efforts.

By definition, Parnassus Press Publishing is not a traditional publisher, as traditional publishing — the brick and mortar walls an appropriate symbol of its inability to transform and adapt — will certainly be forced to redefine itself or become a less relevant player in the years to come. The publisher/author collaborative effort is an ideal starting point for unpublished/unknown writers and authors with offerings to niche audiences/markets. Overall, in publisher/author collaborative efforts, authors exercise more control throughout the entire process, they benefit from having all the “traditional publisher” advantages in production and distribution, and they earn a higher percentage of publisher compensation. Through publisher/author collaborative efforts (partnerships), authors can at long last enjoy a win-win situation in publishing.

If your manuscript contains an extraordinary premise or story and it is not well-written, we still may decide to refer to Parnassus Press Publishing, making them aware that they will have to invest a little more to edit content, restructure and polish the work. Parnassus Press Publishing considers referrals from Pegasus Books on a case by case basis.

Concurrent with publishing your print book, we also publish an accompanying eBook, distributed worldwide through Amazon and other Internet retailers. Both your print book and eBook will be featured on our website and on sites across the web. Please visit our About ePublishing page for additional information about our eBook offerings. In November 2015, we will launch our audio books division, Pegasus Books Audio, as an additional revenue stream for interested authors.

We hope this page has been informative. However, please feel free to email us with any questions, comments or suggestions on our Contact Us page. We look forward to your submissions!

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