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You want to become a writer, and yet chances are if you are on this page, you already ARE a writer, but you just don’t know it. That is the difference between writers and those who want to be writers — it’s the “knowing.” It is a matter of self-definition and not something that is somehow bestowed on you by the powers that be.

Here is how to become a writer in a single short session: Take your place before a mirror and say the following, “I am a writer.”

It is a simple thing to do, but the key to the transformation is in believing and in your level of conviction. If you really want to be a writer, then from that moment on you must self-identify as a writer. If you go to college, then you are a writer — who is pursuing a secondary education. And if you deliver pizzas for a living, you are not a pizza delivery person who wants to become a writer. You are a writer — who delivers pizzas to get by. Becoming a writer is a matter of self-definition.

If you have recently decided to become a writer, you have many more opportunities to be published and make a living at writing than writers emerging even five years ago. The publishing world has changed, largely for the benefit of writers. With the advent of eBooks, audio books, print-on-demand and publisher collaborations, it has never been easier to see your work in print.

Of course, the system does not reward lazy or unskilled writers. That means if you want to write, you have to first focus on attaining the necessary skills. Take a class at the community college, attend a writing seminar, or better yet, begin writing something and finish it. Writers write.

At Pegasus Books, we want to help develop aspiring writers. We realize that writers who have taken the time to complete a novel or a collection of short stories have defied the odds. We also realize that you have few avenues for having your work published. Most editors on Publishing Row will only consider you if you are represented by an agent and most agents will only represent you if you are an established writer. It is something of a Catch-22.

Self-publishing is an option, but self-publishing companies are not publishers. They are in the business to take your money to format and print your book, regardless of merit. They are not interested in helping generate book sales, unless you want to pay for a generic marketing package. They are not concerned about helping develop your career as a writer.

At Pegasus Books, we make it our mission to help develop aspiring writers, no matter where you are in your personal goals. We are looking to forge long-term relationships with writers and get all our writers to the point of personal and professional success.

On this site, we will provide resources for aspiring writers, including “how-to” demonstrations, interesting articles, blogs, assignments, forums, consultation, story critiques, and character and plot analysis. We will help at manuscript development, web seminars, equipment, challenges, links to professionals and professional services, and even mentoring, to some degree.
Our features will include:
• Monthly Writing Assignments for Aspiring Writers
• A Short Story Contest in March
• A Short Playwriting Contest in June
• A Aspiring Author Novel Contest in September
• A Children’s’ Book Contest in December
• What’s New For You? (Technology Section)
• Monthly Feature Articles by Aspiring Writers
• Writing Strategies
• Editorial Resources
• A Feature On Careers in Writing
• Help and Tips For Getting Your First Book Published
• An Opportunity To Be Published By Pegasus Books or Parnassus Press Publishing
If you have ideas or suggestions that could make this feature of the website better, please share them with us.

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