Question: How do I submit my manuscript to you, and how long will it take for my book to be published?

Answer: You can submit your book electronically through the “Submit Your Work” option on the “Submissions” tab on our website or you can send the physical manuscript to us at our mailing address. In either case, it would be best that you query us first so that we will have a sense of who you are and what you are sending. If your work is accepted by Pegasus Books, you can expect to be published within six months after the date of your executed contract. If detailed editing is required, publication dates may be extended.

Question: If Pegasus Books publishes my work, what are the terms of the contract and what is the royalty split?

Answer: Our contracts are standard for the publishing industry, typically enduring seven years, with author’s royalties calculated at 9 percent of the retail sales price thereof on the first 2,000 copies sold, 14 percent on the next 8,000 copies sold, and 18 percent on all copies sold in excess of 10,000.

Question: When my title is published, who fixes the price for the sale of the book?

Answer: The price of the book is determined by the expectation of a profitable margin. Pegasus Books titles are distributed through Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor, Amazon and Google. All distributors take a 55% discount, meaning that their wholesale price on a book priced at $10.00 is $4.50. From that $4.50, we subtract the cost of printing and shipping the book. The remaining margin is the royalty, which is split between the author and publisher, according to terms of our contract. We have a formula for pricing books, but we are willing to consider concerns and ideas from authors.

Question: Are you a Vanity Press?

Answer: No, we are not. We are traditional publishers, working with the latest and most efficient technology the publishing industry has to offer. We do not charge authors to publish their books, and we do not require the purchase of editing or any other services. We are a competitive publisher seeking authors with viable manuscripts for the evolving publishing market. We are looking for those rare black pearls of artistry and good writing. We are in no way affiliated with Pegasus Publishing out of Cambridge, England.

Question: Predator or Editor?


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Question: What is Parnassus Press?

Answer: Parnassus Press is completely separate company that sometimes provides publishing services to Pegasus Books, authors and other publishers. Parnassus Press is a true collaborative publisher/author partnership, wherein the publisher and author agree to share publishing costs so that the author receives a relatively larger portion of royalties (revenues). Thus the author is more involved in the overall process. Parnassus Press also offers a path to publishing for authors whose work show promise and who can demonstrate a willingness to work hard to give their books the best possible chance for success. Parnassus Press considers manuscripts that are viable and of exceptional quality, and because of the reduced risk of the collaboration, will strongly consider offerings that are more niche-oriented, with a greater percentage of the royalty going to the author. While it is a publisher/author collaborative press, the company will produce some titles in the traditional publishing method.  The company offers editorial services, graphic arts services, author coaching,  ghost writing, ISBNs, Library of Congress Control numbers print layout, websites, social media assistance, author platforms, metadata, distribution and media services to authors and self-publishers and  manuscript-to-bookstore services to independent and small publishers who need to contract specific services from time to time.

Question: Do you offer advances prior to publishing?

Answer: Not typically. However, in some cases we might offer a small advance.

Question: If I want to order copies of my own books, am I entitled to a discount?

Answer: Yes. Our authors are able to order books for 20% off the retail price on orders of up to twenty copies, and a discount of 30% on orders in excess of forty-nine copies, 40% on 251 copies and 50-55% on orders beyond 500 copies. This allows Pegasus Books authors to increase royalty profits by up to 55% on private sales. This provision provides Parnassus Press Publishing authors the opportunity to make up to 55-60% of the retail price on private sales.

Question: If Pegasus Books publishes my manuscript as a print book, will they also publish an eBook for my title?

Answer: Not automatically. The provision for eBook publishing will be addressed in contract negotiations. Generally however, if Pegasus Books publishes an eBook at no expense to the author, the company will manage and monitor sales, paying authors earned royalties quarterly along with print book royalties. For Parnassus Press Publishing, authors can include eBook publishing in the publishing contract.

Question: Who decides on cover art? And are authors allowed to provide ideas, images and input?

Answer: For Pegasus Books titles, our Art Director makes the final decision about cover art. However, our Art Director is welcome to input and ideas from authors as well as cover design layouts from competent graphic artists. For Pegasus Books authors, there is no charge to you for a basic cover layout. During the publishing process, you will receive a “segue” letter where the Art Director/cover designer will work with you directly.  For Parnassus Press Authors, the cost for the basic cover layout will be included in the price of the package.

Question: How will I know if my book will require editing? Am I responsible for editing costs? How does the editing process work?

Answer: Your book will typically be evaluated within three weeks of submission. After evaluation, we will let you know if your manuscript will require mere proofreading, for which there is no extra cost, or varying degrees of editing. If we decide to publish your book and the submission is relatively error free, the process from the contract date to book printing would be six months maximum.

If your book is viable and editing is required, our copy editor will send you a CER (Copy Editor’s Recommentations), approximately 25 sample edited pages with tracking and recommendations so that you can correct your manuscript throughout or send it to a professional for editing. If you decide to use Rumpelstilskin,  Pegasus Books editorial services contractor, they are about 40% less than market prices for all editing services. Either way, once we have a clean manuscript, the process to layout and galleys moves quickly. With an acceptance of a clean manuscript from Pegasus Books, we will not request any payment from you. However, prior to executing a contract, we may ask about your book sales history and marketing ideas and plans.

Question: I am unfamiliar with the publishing business. Once I have signed a publishing contract and I have a final, edited manuscript, what happens next?

Answer: After the contract is executed, we go immediately to pre-galleys, the first of a two-step process as we move toward publishing your book. The pre-galley will be the first look at your manuscript in book form. It is an important step in the process and your penultimate “bite at the apple.” Looking over the pre-galley, you will be able to view your book as consumers will experience it when first opening your book in a bookstore or online. We can assure you that your book will look very different in the pre-galley form.

We will ask you to take the time to read through when examining the pre-galley, as it will be the most important time for you to consider corrections and revisions. According to the copy editor, most books benefit greatly from a “final polishing” by a fresh set of eyes. We have a contractor who can do such a thing at a modest cost, but you are welcome to add the final polish on your own if you prefer. That being the case, after changes and corrections are submitted by you, we will move directly to the final galley, or the final interior proof. This will be your “last bite at the apple,” as a final approval will be required from you in order for us to send the book to print. This final approval carries the acknowlegment that you have carefully considered and accepted the proof and you have approved it for printing.
If after the book is printed, you discover additonal corrections you would like to make, we provide one revision free of charge after the first six months. It perhaps is best to set aside a copy as a “revision” copy, where all desired changes to the first printing are catalogued. Future revisions will cost $75 per interior or exterior revision. Please understand, no book, no matter how much work has been done by the author or editors, can be perfect. In a book containing over 100,000 words, the odds are there will be a few items you will want to revise. There will be actual errors and preferential errors, or changes to suit updated author preferences. We suggest the publisher-paid revision at the anniversary of the publishing date, but it can happen anywhere in the last six months of the first year.
Once again, the copy editor will probably recommend “final polishing,” and we agree. Final polish is a little more than proof reading, but not quite editing. It makes a difference in readibility – all the difference in the world.

 Question: How will you help promote my work?

Answer: The contemporary publishing world is lean and efficient, increasingly reliant on authors to be involved in self- promotion. At Pegasus Books, we reward authors’ efforts by promoting new titles on the Internet, sharing costs for book signing events and actively promoting authors through our media channels. For books that demonstrate a potential for strong sales, we purchase a separate media publicity package, which provides a provocative release for your book, distributed on three separate instances to 800-1,000 media contacts.

Pegasus Books typically does the following;

  • eBook published on Amazon, international distribution for eBook
  • Global bookstore distribution with Ingram
  • Inclusion in the Ingram Advance Catalogue
  • Worldwide On-line Distribution with Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other online distributors
  • Google/Amazon Book Search
  • Assistance in creating page on Amazon Author Central and other social media pages
  • Book sent out for review to contacts at the fifteen largest newspapers in the United States, including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Constitution, Washington Post, Seattle Times, Boston Herald, Dallas Morning News, Miami Herald and others
  • Books sent to five top book reviewers (genre specific)
  • Press kit uniquely designed for your title
  • Local media blitz; press releases to local bookstores, radio stations, television; bookstore coordination for book signings
  • Global Connect World Wide Printing, including the Espresso Book Machines, available at libraries and universities (check out video at Book Machine)
  •  Featured interview on Pegasus Books Internet radio
  • Featured interview on Pegasus Books website
  • Global print distribution, which rivals the big six NYC commercial book publishers: Pan Macmillan, Random House, HarperCollins, Penguin, Hachette Book Group and Simon & Schuster
  • Additional Volume discounts at 100 books (40%) and 250 books (45%)

For authors who are proactive about promoting titles, we provide incentives for certain levels of in-house purchases, which include $450-$1,250 toward Author promoted events and a publisher paid mailing campaign to 3,200 bookstores, 35,000 librarians and 1,000 book reviewers.

During contract negotiations, we ask authors about prior book sales history and seek to determine if the author has a target market, marketing ideas or a marketing plan. Based on answers on our questionnaire and our own research, we come up with a basic marketing plan. We also provide various levels of marketing incentives for authors who purchase books in sufficient quantities.

Question: How can I participate in one of your writing contests?

Answer: Look for our Short Story Writing Contest in March, our Playwriting Contest in June, our Original Novel Writing Contest in September and our Children’s Book Writing Contest in December. All entries must be submitted by the last day of the month, along with a twenty dollar fee of offset judging and administration costs. Prizes include publishing contracts, eBook conversions, writing seminars and consultation sessions. In some instances, we will critique and provide comments and recommondations about your work.

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