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Joining a Book Club really is a great way to be consistent in your reading, delve deeper into books and make some great friends! A Book Club can also help to extend your reading, as you’ll be tempted to try different types of books that you might not otherwise have chosen by yourself. Many people can becoBookClme accustomed to the comfort of reading in a favorite genre and may not realize how much they might actually enjoy an altogether different type of book, until they are persuaded to try something new by other members of the club.

There are thousands of Book Clubs you can join, or you might want to be adventurous and start your own. Surely, there are millions of others who are already enjoying the benefits of reading and discussing books in a group setting.

At Pegasus Books, we encourage and support Book Clubs by offering a twenty-five percent (25%) discount on all our titles for Book Clubs ordering five (5) books or more! For Book Clubs ordering twenty-five (25) books or more, we offer a thirty-five percent (35%) discount, while for Book Clubs ordering fifty (50) or more books, we offer a forty-five (45%)percent discount. Finally, for Book Clubs order one hundred (100) or more books, we ask that you contact us on our Pegasus Books Contact Us page for an even better discount rate! To order books, just fill out our Order Form and email it back to us. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

We will also go to great efforts to make our authors available for Book Club appearances and discussions. If your Book Club would like to try one of our titles and book an author appearance, please contact us and let us know what you would like to do. You will be surprised at how wonderful an experience it will be!

Our Top Selling  Book Club Titles:

Book ClubAt Pegasus Books, we realize that readers are the ultimate arbitrators in the success of books, and nowhere is the reader factor more evident than in a discussion by groups of five or more persons who are sharing perceptions, comments and criticisms. Thus our effort at reaching Book Clubs and the discounts offered is our way of honoring readers who are willing share their ideas and themselves.

To that end, we are encouraging our authors to create “Readers’ Guide” lists of questions that we can send to book clubs with each order. For specific titles, we will include such a guide in the back pages of books. And finally, when a title reaches five hundred Book Club orders, we will issue a special “Book Club” printing of the title for fans of the author and the book.

 SwinkCuringBCCuring Time by Tim Swink of Greensboro, North Carolina. This book is an exciting, well-written 1950’s family saga set in the American South involving a struggling tobacco farmer and insight into how a troubled soul affects all around it. Mr. Swink’s book has done very well in North Carolina and the excitement about the title is rapidly spreading to other places.

At Pegasus Books, we were very excited about Curing Time by Tim Swink from the moment we first read it. A great storyteller, Tim captures the spirit and nuances of a bygone era in American history. More than a book about a compelling character, Curing Time is revealing about relationships. The book possesses the sense of nostalgia, sadness, mystery and  unpredictability we look for in the books we publish. A wonderful Book Club choice!


The Tenor is an exciting, well-written fiction involving a sweeping tale of historical fiction involving a young impressionable Italian World War II soldier who meets young opera diva Marie Callas, during the Greek occupation, and risks his life to save her for music and love.

 “As an operatic diva that has sung over 100 performances with the Metropolitan Opera, I can say without hesitation, that “The Tenor” is a riveting and accurate tale of life imitating art! Peter Danish’s story telling ability is lyrical and powerful as he explores the life of an opera singer through passion, longing, romance and war! The accuracy of his descriptions about a singer’s journey, his musical and operatic references and his colorful characters, including the incomparable Maria Callas, make this a must read!”

Victoria Livengood, Metropolitan Opera Mezzo Soprano


An excellent Book Club choice!

Author Barbara Kraft met Anaïs Nin in 1973 in California. The two became close friends because, according to Nin, they were “kindred spirits,” leading Nin to request, when she learned she was sick, “I can’t tell the world about my illness, Barbara, but you can, and I want the world to know. I want you to write about this.”

The result of Nin’s request was Anaïs Nin: The Last Days, written by Barbara Kraft and published by Pegasus Books for release in November 2013. This book will appeal to millions of readers who have come to know and admire Anaïs Nin’s candid style of writing, with insightful commentary about a bygone era with incredible relevance to our own.

An excellent selection for any Book Club seeking a well-written, poignant and transformational title!


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