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The ePublishing Market This has been a breakout year for eReaders and eBooks—device sales will have more than tripled by the end of last year, and content sales are up 176% for the year. But this year will be anything but boring.

The growing eBook industry is an exploding phenomenon, and whether we like it or not, over the years, print will become less bought and read.

Besides that, the revenue structure with eBooks is better for the author. When considering eBooks versus print book author royalties – there is a whopping 70% vs 14.9% disparity in favor of authors for eBooks! That’s right! Authors get paid close to 70% of the sales price for eBooks! And typically, authors are paid directly by distributors.

Consider the following:

Borders closings – more than 1300 stores – the company invested in eBooks too late!
Amazon sells more eBooks than paperback and hardcover combined
AAP reports 29.5% eBook/print ratio
AAP reports triple digit increases in eBooks with each sales report press release while simultaneously reporting declines in hardback and mass-market paperbacks (trade paperbacks have in most reports remained flat)

The publishing industry is changing, and for the better if you are an unknown author who is trying to get published or an established author who would like to sell more books! The future of publishing favors the ePublishing market, so if you are still stuck trying to do things the old fashioned way, you really need to catch up before you are left out and you miss out on this opportunity with such an enormous potential to you!

Pegasus Books is, among other things, an ePublisher, meaning we can handle both print and eBook needs. And the time it takes to publish your eBook is minimal, provided we get clean electronic files and everything else is in order. Two to three business days at a one-time cost of about $300 in most cases. And distribution is built-in. Once your eBook is published, it will be available wolrdwide within weeks after release! For an extra $100, we will make sure your book is available on most ePlatfoms, including those on devices by Amazon, Sony, Apple, Borders, Barnes and Noble. It is an exciting and rewading time to be a writer! Let Pegasus Books help you step to the plate to capitalize on the next big thing: ePublishing and your share of the market!


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